The episode begins by welcoming JMARSTON, who appears to be accessing the archives once again. The feed he accesses is labeled A126743, and is not dated.

The footage is very strange, containing shots of a house on a hill, an area of bushes near the entrance of a forest, a paper representation of the sun hanging off of a pillar of a building, an empty field, an extremely large bonfire, the park observation deck seen in Anouncment, a server control board, footage too blurry to decipher, extremely distorted footage of an art exhibit, and very distorted footage of a Silver Masked man.

After the man appears, he begins speaking over the footage, saying:

"You've caused it all. You've ruined him. And yet, you continue to enjoy his suffering. He has lied to you . He knows more than you think. I've been watching you. And you've been watching him. You are not a good person. None of you are. You are all liars. You are all monsters. Do not listen. Do not answer. Do not open."
While this is happening, the footage continues to jump around. After he begins speaking, footage of museum/stage lights, footage of Arin's personal camera, a heavily distorted image of a different man, footage of the Director, footage of Arin's house (which we see The Director recording in Transmission 3), more footage of The Director, and footage of a light blinking in and out of darkness. After he stops talking, multiple pictures of two unknown people, and then footage of them talking to each other. Afterwords, it displays footage so distorted, it cannot be deciphered. The word "WATCHING" briefly appears in the top-right corner. Afterwords, more footage of Silver Mask appears, and the footage returns to the observation deck.

After the feed ends, a message appears:

The episode ends there.