The episode begins with the usual title card (See Transmission 1), and once again welcomes user JMARSTON. However, the log-in screen succumbs to extreme distortion, accessing feed #715145, dated 10/21/16.

The feed opens, showing the cameras changing rapidly, searching for Arin, finding him in the backyard. However, the moment the camera catches him, a wave of distortion rolls over the footage.

The scene changes to reveal heavily distorted footage of the Hooded Figure, before jumping to the footage of Aaron's bedroom, with both the TV and PC on. Aaron sits down at the PC and opens up a camcorder, revealed to be his personal log camera, which he bought with money that keeps being sent to the house every week, presumably by JMARSTON or the Hooded Figure. It is here that Arin first reveals his name, after finding it written on an old photograph he found in the house. Aaron reveals that he not only has an encrypted PC, but an encrypted phone as well. He uses a Chromebook he recently bought with the same money he keeps receiving. He can acess the Internet, but there is a browsing filter placed on the network, presumably by JMARSTON.

The camera in his room begins recording again, showing Arin turn off his personal camera, and start to watch Netflix on the TV.

The feed then switches to Basement Cam 03, revealing the Hooded Figure standing in front of the same wall as Transmission 2. The hooded figure removes some sort of ski mask from his bag, puts it on, packs up, and leaves, but not before stopping to examine a window in the basement.

The episode ends there.