Storyline Edit

The episode begins by showing a single blue frame, with "Transmission 2" written over it. It then accesses the archives once again. It seems this was triggered by the same user, JMARTSON. The feed is accessed is code-named 12151920 and is dated 10/10/16, 5 days before the upload.

The footage opens up into a shot from a camera set up in Arin's bedroom, Subject Room Cam. A TV Monitor on a desk suddenly turns itself on and begins flaring with static and white noise. The camera slowly pans towards the other side of the room, but then pans back to its original position. Arin walks into the room, and, noticing the TV, he goes and turns it off. Arin then goes and sits at another desk, this one boasting a PC. Arin turns it on and fails to log in, causing him to get frustrated and turn it off once again.

The feed suddenly switches, showing the Sidedoor Cam, however, a hooded figure appears next to the door, causing some sort of error in the camera's audio. The figure enters the house.

Back in his room, Aaron suddenly appears visibly paranoid, going into his closet and poking around a brown jacket that's hanging from a shelf. He pulls the jacket onto the floor, then turns off the light and goes back into his room. He closes the door and sits back down in front of the computer.

Once again, the archive feed switches, showing that the Frontdoor Cam has been noticeably moved, now focusing on a large, double-doored closet. The hooded figure opens both of the doors, turns on the light, and looks inside. He pokes around for a few second, then removes some sort of duffel bag or coat. He turns off the light and leaves.

Meanwhile, the Hallway Cam catches Arin leave his room. However, the feed immediately distorts, causing the colors to burn out. The door to Arin's room then shuts itself.

After this has happened, the hooded figure enters the basement with the jacket and a duffel bag. While this happens, Arin descends the staircase to the level right above the basement. He checks the front door once again, and walks off into another part of the house.

The hooded figure goes to the wall that Arin inspected in the last episode, and puts the items on the floor. He stuffs the jacket into the bag and zips it up. The camera feed distorts once again, and the figure collapses. The signal from the camera then dies.

Meanwhile, Arin sits, drinking, in the living room. The feed is suddenly interrupted by a single blue frame with a very important message:


Notes Edit

  • The screensaver on the PC is a picture of Bo Burnham from his special "Make Happy"