Transmission 16 begins with the archived footage of feed 87436, dated 5/4/17.

We see Arin sitting in the Family Room, watching TV, while the mirror above said TV produces a highly distorted reflection of the room. Arin pauses the TV, and checks the front yard through the window. He walks to the front door and, after hesitating briefly, proceeds to go outside, We then see heavily distorted footage of the front porch as Arin closes the door, and walks down his walkway. He disappears for a few seconds but then returns with some sort of package in his hands. The package is reveled to contain junk mail. Arin returns to his couch, lies down, and then talks about his need for new camera batteries. Arin then mentions that he hates the Living Room because it has the only entrance to the Basement. As soon as he mentions that, the feed inexplicably cuts to Basement Cam 01, then to Basement Cam 02, before shifting back to Basement Cam 01. Arin then suddenly remembers that he has the camera that the AEC provided him still in his room, causing him to run upstairs to grab it. However, Arin enters the room only to find The Ridiculing waiting for him. Arin storms out of the room, and calls J.F.

The episode ends with J.F saying he will return to the house soon to investigate The Ridiculing.