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Transmission 14 begins with a file named "easter.mp4" playing. The events of the video unfold like this:

At 3 PM, Arin is seen on a phone call with JF, detailing his plans for the day. The other speaker tells him that it is Easter, and Arin claims that he has "lost track of the days." At 6:15 PM, we see that the camera is turned on, and pointing at a collection of sheets of notebook paper, one of which is dated 4-11-17. We then see footage of a white security camera, while hearing a woman and child, most likely mother and son, talking behind the camera. Footage of a road, an American Flag waving in the wind, and a hand unlocking a white iPhone running iOS 10*. The music playing is revealed to be Seizure Boy by Watsky. We then see footage of two unidentified people walking around in a rest

*This will be important in determining the time of this footage.