Basic Description Edit

Transmission 1 is the third episode of the main Longform Experiment storyline. It marks the first appearance of the series' main character, Arin.

Full Details Edit

The episode begins with a blue screen flashing Transmission 1. The message changes to a black screen that displays "ACCESSING ARCHIVES. PLEASE WAIT", before welcoming user JMARSTON. Feed #72823 is then accessed.

The scene changes to a montage of closed-circuit cameras, showing the Living Room Camera, the Front Entrance Camera, the External Backdoor Camera, the Internal Backdoor Camera, the Basement Door Camera, and Basement Cam 01, before stopping on Basement Cam 02, where Arin's unconscious body lay on the floor. Arin slowly gets up and walks to the basement stairs. However, he stops to look at a wall, after which he runs back to Basement Cam 01. Arin then runs into the living room and picks a pair of glasses up off of a table. He then walks to the front door, and peers outside. He then fully opens the door and walks outside, before the footage cuts to another blue screen, displaying:

After this, the screen will turn blank, and the episode ends.