Storyline Edit

The video opens up into low-resolution footage of rocks falling off of a cliff, footage of a bright street light, footage of a car in front of someone's house. Somebody briefly passes by the window of the house. It then shifts to footage of a shower drain. Someone rubs the floor of the sink, The camera then tilts upward extremely fast, before a wave of extreme camera distortion rolls over the footage. In the distorted footage, an image of a room in a house can be briefly seen, before shifting to footage of a school hallway. The footage then changes to reveal Arin's room. The footage appears to be taken from inside Arin's closet. It is now revealed that Arin is holding some sort of package. Taped to the inside of his closet door is a drawing of a key, with the word "SYMBOL" written above it. A very distorted image is then seen, showing a figure, standing in the same room seen in the distorted footage, with the text:

above the figure.

The episode then ends.